Vulnerable Patient Meeting (VPM)

The VPM (Vulnerable Patient Meeting, initially known as Vulnerable Plaque Meeting) was hosted by Cardialysis annually between 2002-2019. The VPM was a non-for-profit meeting which was generously supported by educational grants from the pharmaceutical and device industries with products targetting the detection and treatment of vulnerables coronary plaques and patients. The VPM Conference was compliant with the Eucomed Code of Ethical Business Practice.

The VPM hosted approximately 75 to 100 attendees, including a selected faculty of clinicians, academicians, regulators, and Industry representatives. The small nature of the meeting was considered essential for the exchange of ideas and to formulation of thoughts on future areas of research around coronary atherosclerosis. 

Previous editions


VPM 2019

Guest Director: Prof. Wolfgang Koenig -  Department of Cardiology, University of Ulm Medical School, Ulm, Germany.
Program VPM 2019

VPM 2018

Program VPM 2018

VPM 2017

Guest Director: Prof. Panos E. Vardas - Department of Cardiology, University of Crete, Greece
Program VPM 2017

VPM 2016

Guest Director: Prof. Bernard Gersh - Mayo Clinic, USA
Program VPM 2016
Report Day 1
Report Day 2
Report Day 3

VPM 2015

Guest Director: Prof. Valentin Fuster - CNIC, Madrid & Mount Sinai Medical Center, NYC
Program VPM 2015

VPM 2014

Guest Director: Prof. Dorian Haskard - Imperial College London
Program VPM 2014