Site network

With a robust academic background and long track record in cardiology, Cardialysis has an established network of over 1,400 cardiology sites worldwide of which 1,200 are in Europe. The success of a clinical trial depends largely on the selection of appropriate sites. Selecting the wrong sites can lead to delays, higher and unplanned costs and less reliable data.  

By using our experience and relationships in the field, we reduce time for site selection to a minimum without compromising on the quality and patient volume of participating sites. Furthermore, the involvement of our thought leaders in the field of cardiology and our experienced Project Managers provides insight in the unique aspects of every site with regard to their expertise in the therapeutic field of research and the quality of their clinical data and diagnostic images for endpoint analysis.

Our network of sites has been built on relationships, past experience and knowledge of the sites' capabilities. During site selection and qualification, we consider not only the design of the trial but also any specific requirements the sponsor may have.